"The new Chorus Meshcon motor's "mesh-connected" winding is unique...The inverter control works like a virtual transmission, delivering big starting torque while efficiently providing strong cruising torque at all other times in a smaller, lighter, cheaper package...These characteristics make it ideally suited to serial hybrid cars...."
Frank Markus, MOTOR TREND

What Series Hybrids Are Series hybrids use electric drives powered by a single-speed internal combustion engine.

Chorus® Meshcon™ can enable hybrid vehicles to surpass conventional vehicles on cost, fuel efficiency and overall performance.

What Series Hybrids Offer
  • Efficiencies exceeding those of today's hybrids (no need to rely on a variable speed internal combustion engine under increased load).
  • The flexibility and range of today's conventional vehicles.
  • A simpler drivetrain and lower component costs than standard hybrids.

  • How Different Motor Technologies Stack Up
    To Become a Reality, Series Hybrids Require...
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    Power in a
    Compact Package
    Stamina Low-Cost Simplicity
    Chorus Meshcon
    Permanent Magnet (PM) Drive
    AC Induction Drives
    Other Technologies


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