Technical Summary


The Chorus concept utilizes concentrated, high phase order windings which allows the beneficial use of harmonics (temporal, spatial, and overload). Rather than harmonics running against the main drive (creating heat), they run with the main drive, creating more power. Consequently, a Chorus machine can achieve much higher torque densities than a traditional 3-phase motor, but with no cost penalty..

Chorus Meshcon uses the software control of the high phase order windings to 'rewire' the Chorus motor on the fly. The motor automatically reconfigures to operate efficiently as a low-speed, high-torque system and as a high-speed low-torque system. The result is that a much smaller drive can be used for the same load, greatly reducing the cost of the resulting drive. At the same time, high speed operation is not hampered, so the same motor can be used to start a car engine, and efficiently produce electrical output.


Chorus Meshcon is fully compatible with all 3-phase motor and drive manufacturing equipment and processes. As such, the technology has all of the reliability benefits of the highly mature 3-phase induction machine. The motor is externally identical. The drive electronics are literally the same ones used in 3-phase inverters, though they are configured and controlled differently. In many ways, Chorus Meshcon achieves its technical superiority through changing the motor software. Hence, the technology benefits, as do other motors and drives, from normal incremental improvements in windings, insulations, switching electronics, etc.

Manufacturing and Production

Chorus Motors plc does not make its motors and drives itself. In the automotive space, Chorus is seeking licensees for the technology. Chorus can also provide specialized engineering services. The motors and drives themselves can then be manufactured by the automaker's own world-class suppliers. Due to a prior partnership, Semikron manufactures and packages Chorus' power and control electronics. Semikron meets all relevant international quality standards, including QS9000, VDA 6 Part 1 (automotive), and DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.

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