The Chorus WheelTug® System

Series Hybrids for Aircraft

WheelTug® is a fully integrated ground propulsion system for aircraft which puts a high torque electric motor into the hub of the nose wheel to allow for backwards movement without the use of pushback tugs and to allow for forward movement without using the aircraft engines. Power for movement is supplied by the onboard APU (Auxiliary Power Unit).

WheelTug turns an aircraft into a series hybrid vehicle for taxi to and from the runway.

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Aerospace Industry Confidence

The Chorus Meshcon motor has made WheelTug possible by combining extremely high torques, safety benefits, phenomenal reliability, 'virtual' gearing and a compact and lightweight package to provide a unique and valuable system for commercial and military aerospace. At the proof-of-concept demonstration in 2005, a system with two motors the size of watermelons successfully moved a 767 at taxiing speeds. Additional tests in 2010 moved a fully-loaded 737 on a wet and snow covered tarmak (view here).

The industry has responded positively to the technical capabilities of the Chorus system.

In September 2007, WheelTug plc joined forces with Newport Aeronautical Development to complete Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification work for WheelTug systems. WheelTug and Chorus have continued to gain the confidence of the industry. Luxell, Co-Operative Industries, ADDAC and others have partnered with WheelTug plc - backing the WheelTug system and the exciting and reliable Chorus technology behind it. In addition, the technology has been covered extensively in the trade press.

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